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Pleasant Bay Alliance to Present Findings on Potential Effects of Sea Level Rise

Sea Level Rise: Assessment of Impacts on Nauset Barrier Beach and Pleasant Bay

For More Information Contact:
Carole Ridley, Coordinator
Telephone: 508-430-2563

Harwich, MA - The Pleasant Bay Alliance will present the findings of a new report on the potential impacts of sea level rise in Pleasant Bay.

The report, prepared by Center for Coastal Studies of Provincetown, estimates the range of sea level rise likely to affect the Pleasant Bay system, and identifies potential changes to the Nauset Barrier Beach and the intertidal zone of Pleasant Bay resulting from estimated changes in sea level. This information provides a foundation for developing management strategies to address impacts associated with sea level rise.

By assessing the system’s response to sea level rise, this study also examines the role of natural sediment transport processes in the protection of waterfront property and the vitality of healthy coastal resources, which provide habitat, filter pollutants and help to protect the shoreline from erosion caused by storm surges. At the meeting the Alliance will also announce new erosion management guidelines intended to preserve healthy coastal resources.  The new guidelines will be made available for public review and comment.

Presentation by Center for Coastal Studies of Provincetown
Hosted by Pleasant Bay Alliance          

6:00 p.m., Thursday, May 18, 2017

Chatham Town Hall Annex (large meeting room)                       
261 George Ryder Road
Chatham, MA02633