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Maritime Exploration and Training Panel - BSU Cape Cod

Dr. Calvin Mires, Ms. Rhonda Moniz, Mr. C. Eben Franks
Tuesday, June 13 at 6-7 p.m

Description: Please come and join Dr. Calvin Mires, Ms. Rhonda Moniz, and Mr. C. Eben Franks as they discuss exciting and upcoming opportunities for education and training in maritime archaeology and ocean exploration through BSU Cape Cod. Dr. Mires will discuss citizen science and training opportunities in maritime archaeology and heritage through the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS). Ms. Moniz has over 20 years of experience as an ocean explorer, diver, and documentary filmmaker, including working on surveys from RMS Titanic to ancient shipwrecks in the Black Sea. She is currently developing innovative public and private programs in underwater forensics, scientific diving, and marine technology, including ROV's and AUV's. Mr. Franks has spent an accumulative 8 ½ years at sea since 1971, working on ocean research and exploration projects around the world. He will relate his vast and diverse experiences in underwater robotics and engineering, FBI underwater investigations, and contemporary international maritime projects, to future formal and informal education. This is an opportunity to hear about developing programs, courses, and workshops in maritime exploration and underwater documentation, found nowhere else but at Bridgewater State University Cape Cod.