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Center for Marine Robotics 3rd Annual Entrepreneur’s Showcase & Leadership Forum

July 20-21, 2017 • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

The 3rd annual Forum will focus on strategic development of the marine robotics market space with presentations and panel discussions targeting concerns of the “C” suite (CEO, CTO, CFO, etc.).  Key questions include: What are the dynamics of emerging markets? How is the funding climate changing? What can be learned from recent acquisitions? Should you consider being acquired or go public?

Autonomous underwater robots have emerged from research laboratories and are now produced by a growing cadre of marine robotics companies. However, even in an environment rife with technical innovation, creating successful marine technology ventures is demanding. The primary difficulty facing companies producing marine robots is the problem of market creation.  In many cases, AUVs and ROVs are used to accomplish tasks that previously would never have been done.  Identifying those unmet needs can be difficult, and once identified, potential customers may be slow to take advantage of new technology. 

This meeting will bring marine robotics entrepreneurs together with representatives from emerging markets, government, and sponsors. The Forum will be kicked off by our 3rd showcase of marine robotics technologies on July 20th. Companies and entrepreneurs interested in showcasing your ideas and innovations in our high bay setting are welcome but space is limited. Please register early!