Vote! and Support Progress on Orleans Water Quality Improvement [Orleans Water Alliance]

Important dates for your participation: 

Special election for the vacant selectman seat:  Tuesday, October 18, 2016.  Don’t forget to vote.

Special fall town meeting to vote on an important Orleans Water Quality warrant article.  Monday, October 24th, 2016.  Nauset Gymnasium Middle School.  6:30PM.  Please come and participate.

National election on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  In addition to voting for national, state and local candidates, and various state referendums, the Orleans fall water quality warrant appropriation will be on the ballot, and needs a two-thirds vote in order to get funding.  Please exercise your democratic right.

Here is a summary of the warrant article whichwas endorsed by the Orleans Water Quality Advisory Panel (OWQAP).  The Orleans Water Alliance (OWA) voted in favor of the warrant.  It was also approved unanimously by the Board of Selectmen.

We hope you attend town meeting and support the warrant article.


The Orleans Water Quality Advisory Panel (OWQAP), appointed by the Board of Selectmen to work with a diverse range of active citizen groups to seek a mutually agreeable solution to the water quality needs of Orleans, reached a Consensus Agreement in March 2015 on goals and a conceptual Plan to efficiently and cost effectively meet water quality needs of the Town.  To refine the approach and complete an Amended Water Quality Management Plan, the Town is implementing demonstration projects to validate performance and cost of non-traditional technologies; updating current knowledge of Orleans water quality conditions and needs through additional data collection, analysis, and estuarine computer simulation runs; evaluating potential disposal sites for treated discharge from the downtown watershed; proposing a 25% design for the sewerage system proposed for Orleans’ downtown area; developing a phased implementation plan to enable an affordable financial plan for all Orleans residents and businesses; and continuing to apply adaptive management principles to respond to future information. 

In order to move the Amended Water Quality Plan and associated Adaptive Management Plan process forward, the Board of Selectmen proposes to fund the following activities from November 2016 through June 2017: 

  1. Continued Planning and Engineering ($2,484,700): Effluent Disposal Site Studies; Demonstration Projects (Design & Implementation) for Shellfish/Aquaculture, Permeable Reactive Barriers and Nitrogen Removing Barriers; Facilities Engineering, including 25% Design for the Downtown Area; and Regulatory Coordination. 
  2. Adaptive Management Implementation ($408,000): Water Quality Monitoring for MEP compliance & Project Baselines; MEP Study & Report Updates; Revisions to the 2010 Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan for Cedar Pond and Rock Harbor Creek Watershed. 
  3. Program Management ($335,500): Technical Oversight and Program Management; Public Engagement Coordination; Public-Private Partnership (P3) Evaluations and Financial Analysis. 

BOS: 4 – YES 0 – NO 0 – ABSTAIN
FC: Recommendation to be made at Town Meeting 

If you are looking for more information on the OWQAP meetings, please visit the town website below.