Help Buzzards Bay Stormwater Collaborative map pollution discharged from stormwater pipes

The Buzzards Bay Stormwater Collaborative, a partnership between the  Buzzards Bay Action Committee, municipalities in the Buzzards Bay  watershed, and the Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program, has begun a  program to map and monitor pollution discharged from stormwater pipes  and road cuts into Buzzards Bay. At many sites, stormwater discharges  are the primary cause of swimming beach and shellfish bed closures.

The public can help with this effort by submitting photographs of  stormwater discharge pipes. You can simply email the photographs to me  at, or use our interactive mapping website  to upload photos from your mobile phone or tablet. The photographs will  help us identify unmapped discharges and document the condition of  discharge pipes. We want pictures of pipes -- whether or not water is  flowing from them. If you see a failing catchbasin (filled with sand or  blocked with debris), you can submit photos of those sites too.

If you are walking along a beach, trail, or on walkway and see a  discharge pipe, simply go to  on your  smart phone or wireless tablet. Click the "interactive map" link in the  drop down menu, and click the refresh button to update the map to your  location. The website will use the GPS in your device to estimate your  location. With the web application, you will see whether the discharge  pipe is already mapped and photographed. Again, if you want to submit  just one to a few photographs of stormwater discharges, you could also  simply email them, with a clear description of the location or its ID  number (from the website), to

If you want to use the website to upload many photographs, you might  want to read the information guide is at this link:


Betsy White
Stormwater Specialist
Buzzards Bay Action Committee
40 Center Street Fairhaven, MA. 02719