Inexpensive, Low Risk Ocean Sensor Testing from MReCo

Testing sensors in the ocean is costly and high risk. Besides the harse enviroment, acquiring data and providing power require planning and often limit the time the sensor can actually be tested. There are also issues with security of unattended sensors. These challenges inhibit development of new sensors and their commercialization, but now there is an alternative.

The Bourne Tidal Test Site was developed to provide a test stand for controlled testing of tidal turbines in ocean waters. Located in the Cape Cod Canal, it provides a stable platform that is easily accessible and in a location secured by the US Army Corps of Engineers. These characteristics have led to requests to use the platform for sensor testing and we are happy to accommodate this need. Currently we are applying for funding to expand the data acquisition capabilities on the platform to allow real time, secure internet access and are seeking sensor developer input to insure we can meet the data communications and power needs of the industry. We are seeking input by April 20th.

For more information or to provide requirements, please email or phone: 508.728.5825