Expedition: Blue!

Marketing & Awareness

The purpose of this project is to build awareness of the past, present and future of the Blue Economy, to connect the broad regional interests and offerings of Blue Economy sectors and to appeal to a wide audience such as educators, visitors, locals and areas of special interest. This project will create a logical and linked geographic trail to highlight and educate on the diversity of the blue economy sectors including their history, prominence, operations, future opportunities, uniqueness, etc. The project will include hard installations of exhibits in each location of which at least the major part will contain the same information at each point with some level of customization depending on the highlighted topic or place. Each site will be unique with a particular blue economy focus (either a sector and a work topic) which will tie it back to the Cape Cod Blue Economy Action Plan. The scope of this project is currently under development. For updated details contact us.

Photo: Old meets new - the Kalmar Nyckel crosses paths with the high speed ferry from Boston beyond the jetty at Provincetown Harbor.