Nancy Civetta, Shellfish Constable, Town of Wellfleet

Nancy is featured in Profiles in Blue in the BEP Implementation Plan. We asked her about her thoughts on the Blue Economy.

"As a Shellfish Constable responsible for the sustainable management of Wellfleet's shellfish resources, it is immediately apparent just how closely tied the town's year-round economy is to Cape Cod's Blue Economy. Wellfleet is one of the largest producers of shellfish in the Commonwealth. With a centuries-long tradition of harvesting oysters and clams for the public's enjoyment, our community identity is intimately woven together with the brand name recognition of Wellfleet oysters and littleneck clams. Wellfleet is the only town with a significant wild fishery as well as shellfish farming. Our farms drive the economic engine, while the wild fishermen represent our heart and soul. For us to continue to be successful into the future, we must be nimble and forward-thinking: maintaining clean and healthy waters is the cornerstone of our existence. Using the knowledge of local shellfishermen and the scientific resources of our partners at the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension and others, we will devise ways to mitigate the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that Mother Nature presents us. In Wellfleet, we're in it for the long haul.