Yuki Honjo, CEO, McLane Laboratories

Yuki, CEO of McLane Labs, is one our featured Profiles in Blue in the BEP Implementation Plan. We asked her what does Blue Economy mean to you?

"As a native Cape Codder, born and educated on Cape Cod, I feel that small marine technology companies such as mine have important responsibilities and roles in our local economy. McLane Research Labs is an export-driven small manufacturing business on Cape Cod. Our core competency is manufacturing in-situ robots that function remotely in some of the most challenging environments on earth, often over long periods of time. 

As a result, in what is stereotypically considered a tourist economy, we believe in investing in careers, and not just jobs. McLane remains committed to being a responsible employer that provides a place for local talent to flourish. 

In turn, McLane is able to innovate and build such oceanographic instruments because McLane is fortunate to be a member of the Cape Cod/Massachusetts community, a global center of excellence in ocean science."