Nick Muto, Commercial Fisherman, Orleans

Nick Muto, of the f/v Miss Evelyn and f/v Dawn T., from Orleans. He is chairman of the board of directors of the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance. Nick is included in our Profiles in Blue in the BEP Implementation Plan. We asked Nick about his thoughts on the Blue Economy.

“It’s hard to talk about the Blue Economy without talking about fishing. Fishing is the foundation of the Blue Economy. Fishermen have been feeding people for generations, and as the fishing industry has changed, Cape Cod has taken a place in the global marketplace, which has meant great returns for its local economy. Fishermen are taking responsibility for our evolving roles as the world’s seafood providers. Although we’re operating under the same basic procedures we used centuries ago, we have evolved to keep pace over time. Oceans change, technology advances, markets expand, and so we diversify our practices on the water to target different species, use new technologies and meet the demands the 21st century marketplace. This adaptability and flexibility means our small businesses will continue to succeed and lead Cape Cod’s Blue Economy, feeding both regional economic success and our participation in the global economy.”