Cape-Region Blue Economy Career Day
300+ Students meet Dozens of Employers

WaterWORKS was a hands-on career day connecting high school students to Blue Economy career opportunities in our region.

At WaterWORKS, college-bound, certificate-bound, and workforce-bound high school students experienced first-hand the many Blue Economy jobs and career paths available to them through demonstrations, exhibits, interactive displays, and hands-on activities.

Over 350 students engaged with 50+ employers and exhibitors in a half-day program at the Cape Cod Community College on January 8, 2019.

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Industry Sectors Included:

Fishing ● Research ● Marina Management ● Engineering ● Boat Building & Maintenance ● Aquaculture ● Public Safety ● Transportation ● Ocean Science ● Construction ● Tourism/Recreation ● Advocacy ● Energy ● Environmental ● Climate Adaptation ● Computer Modeling

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Header Photo: Skeleton of the humpback whale Spinnaker, at Center for Coastal Studies