WaterWORKS Career Showcase

WaterWORKS is a hands-on career showcase connecting high school students to Blue Economy and STEM career opportunities in our region.

At WaterWORKS, college-bound, certificate-bound, and workforce-bound high school students experienced first-hand the many Blue Economy jobs and career paths available to them through demonstrations, exhibits, interactive displays, and hands-on activities.

Expedition Blue logo

Welcome to Expedition Blue!

The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and the Cape Cod Blue Economy Foundation have officially launched Expedition Blue, a new perspective on the Cape Cod Blue Economy Project that builds upon our blue regional identity and fosters responsible, sustainable economic development in our blue industries. Our new website at expeditionblue.org describes all of our blue initiatives, including the newly-launched Waypoints interpretive blue economy trail.

Hyannis Waypoint

Waypoints – Start the Journey!

Expedition Blue Waypoints is a unique blend of interpretive structures integrated with a mobile-ready web experience spanning the whole of Cape Cod, as well as Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Designed for all ages but with particular emphasis on educating young people about the special relationship with our waters, how it sustains us, how we care for it, and how to engage for the future.

About the Blue Economy

Recognizing that the Cape Cod region’s environment is its economy, the Blue Economy balances our economic and environmental health, creates a new regional identity focused on pride in our water and coastal resources, and supports a sustainable year-around economy for its residents.

Blue Economy Projects

See all blue economy initiatives at ExpeditionBlue.org.

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