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Big Blue Conference

The Cape Cod Blue Economy Foundation’s second annual Big Blue Conference is going to be electric! The two-day event highlights the innovative, forward-thinking work happening in our region’s blue economy. The goal is to spark conversations and inspire action around the blue economy. Big Blue takes place April 30 and May 1 at the Aloft Aviation at Cape Cod Gateway Airport. This year’s focus is on electrification and coastal resiliency. Following Day 1 of the conference, on the evening of April 30 we’ll be hosting a Battle of the Robots at the airport with local high school robotics teams!

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Cape Cod Entrepreneurs Peer Group

Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation Awards $60K to Cape Cod Blue Economy Foundation to Support Local Entrepreneurs

The Cape Cod Blue Economy Foundation has been awarded $60,000 from the Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation for its Entrepreneurs Forever peer-support and education program. The Blue Economy Foundation is a regional initiative to promote and sustain a maritime-focused economy on Cape Cod, the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. The Entrepreneurs Forever program is designed to strengthen cohorts of small businesses past the start-up stage.

Read more about the Cape Cod Entrepreneurs Peer Group here.

Join us on February 27th to Ramp Up for Your Best Season Ever! Register here to learn more about this free program.

marine technology on display at WaterWORKS 2023

WaterWORKS Career Showcase

WaterWORKS is a hands-on career showcase connecting high school students to Blue Economy and STEM career opportunities in our region.

At WaterWORKS, college-bound, certificate-bound, and workforce-bound high school students experienced first-hand the many Blue Economy jobs and career paths available to them through demonstrations, exhibits, interactive displays, and hands-on activities.

Hyannis Waypoint

Waypoints – Start the Journey!

Expedition Blue Waypoints is a unique blend of interpretive structures integrated with a mobile-ready web experience spanning the whole of Cape Cod, as well as Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Designed for all ages but with particular emphasis on educating young people about the special relationship with our waters, how it sustains us, how we care for it, and how to engage for the future.

About the Blue Economy

Recognizing that the Cape Cod region’s environment is its economy, the Blue Economy balances our economic and environmental health, creates a new regional identity focused on pride in our water and coastal resources, and supports a sustainable year-around economy for its residents.

Blue Economy Projects

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