Lt. Governor Karyn Polito tours ARC Hatchery

Project Vision & Themes

Recognizing that the Cape Cod region’s environment is its economy, the Blue Economy will be the fulcrum that balances our economic and environmental health, creates a new regional identity focused on pride in our water and coastal resources, and supports a more balanced and sustainable year-around economy for its residents.

Through the realization of our vision, driven by the water that surrounds us, steeped in maritime tradition and dedicated to innovation, the Cape Cod region will be a modern, water-based and highly diversified economy. This new focus on blue will connect people to their environment, inspire learning and export our knowledge to the world.

To achieve this vision, the Blue Economy Project will focus work in the following three areas:


A vibrant maritime and technology economy

The Cape Cod region has historically been a center of maritime industries and has played a significant role in our understanding of water ecosystems. This work area will grow the economic contribution of these sectors in the region through continued innovation and investment into existing, new and emerging sectors.


Healthy water, healthy communities

The entire economic well-being of our communities relies on healthy water resources. Strategic investments that support clean water, working waterfronts, and access to water are vital to sustaining our Blue Economy. Recognition of the role that the environment plays in our regional economy is at the core of our growth plan.


A prepared and educated workforce for the future

Though a highly-educated workforce exists in certain areas of the region, the overall “all-ages” educational and workforce development resources must align to the needs of the growing economy. As a living laboratory for many of the world’s pressing challenges, the region is well suited to career preparation and exporting our knowledge in expanding blue economy fields.

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